Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1


The Swagtron T1 Hoverboard can range up to 15 Km, so you can take longer trips. And don’t worry about getting late, it also has a 12 Km/h top speed. It’s safe to say, the Swagtron T1 is a great choice for beginners, as well as for pros.

Among its many features, the Swagtron allows users to:

  • Take it anywhere you want with its practical size and low weight
  • Rubber tires suited for almost any surface
  • UL 2272 Safety Certification
  • Easy turning and spinning with its open wheels
  • Two riding modes. One for experienced users, and one for users in training
  • Sentry Shield Battery
  • It requires 100 to 240 Volts to power

The worst about the Swagtron T1

Even though the Swagtron T1 counts with great features, most hoverboard companies have began adding new technology. For instance:

  • Lacks a dedicated customer support
  • Its wheels can’t go through rough bumps or curbs
  • It has a minor turning radius than most competitors
  • Doesn’t come with a mobile App
  • Takes too long to charge

Technical Specification

  • Maximum speed: 13 Km/h
  • Motor power: 350W
  • Lithium-ion Battery with SentryShield
  • Max load: 100 Kg
  • Bluetooth and Remote Control
  • Takes one hour to charge
  • It requires AC100-240v/50-60HZ to power
  • Maximum range between 10 and 15 Km
  • Max climbing limit: 30 degrees
  • Net weight: 22 Lbs (10 Kg)


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