Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0


The Razor Hovertrax hoverboard brings plenty of good qualities to the table. For instance, it features a max speed of 12 Km/h as well as an impressive range of 15 to 20 Km. All of this with a single charge. Also, the Razor is UL certified and comes with a hard chassis built to last.

The Hovertrax comes with:

  • Different riding modes to suit every user
  • Hard aluminium case to ensure endurance
  • EverBalance Technology
  • LED indicator for battery
  • It only requires AC100-240v/50-60HZ to power up.


  • No Mobile App for iOS or Android
  • Steep price in comparison with other hoverboards
  • Lacks a feature to distinguish the Hovertrax from other hoverboards
  • Retail price of $460

Technical Specification

  • UL 2272 Safety Certification
  • Maximum speed: 10 Km/h
  • Motor power: Silent Dual 135W/350W
  • 36V Lithium-ion Battery pack with LG cells
  • Max load: 100 Kg
  • Bluetooth and Remote Control
  • Takes two hours to charge
  • It requires AC100-240v/50-60HZ to power
  • Max climbing limit: 15 degrees
  • Maximum range between 15 to 20 Km
  • Net weight: 27 lbs (13 Kgs)


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