Levit8ion Ion

Levit8ion Ion


The ION model comes in many different colors. Its futuristic design makes it one of the coolest hoverboards in the market. But what about performance and features?

The ION hoverboard allows the user to travel between 15 and 20 Km with a single charge. Also, it reaches up to 10km per hour, so you can take it for a joyride without worrying about the battery dying on you. And it also counts with an UL safety certification so it won’t blow up neither.

What’s the best?

  • It comes with a front LED light
  • Mudguards, to manage rough or messy surfaces better.
  • Offers a dedicated customer support for its buyers.
  • You can solicit customer support.
  • Smooth ride, even when riding on uneven surfaces

What’s the worst?

  • For starters, the ION needs up to 3 hours to charge, while the X models only take half the time.
  • Playing music non-stop will drain the battery faster
  • It has a max speed of 12 Km/h
  • Comes with a dual 200W motor, which is less powerful than most hoverboards
  • Its 6.5-inch wheels can’t cover the same terrains as other models, given that newer hoverboards count with 10-inch hard rubber tires.

Technical Specification

  • UL 2272 certified; passed electrical and fire safety standards.
  • Self-balancing gyro sensors
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Maximum speed: 14 Km/h
  • Motor power: Dual 200W Motor
  • Lithium-ion Battery 36v 4.4AH
  • Max load: 140 Kgs
  • Bluetooth and Remote Control
  • Takes two to three hours to charge
  • It requires AC100-240v/50-60HZ to power
  • Maximum range between 15 and 20 Km
  • Max climbing limit: 15 degrees
  • Net weight: 22 lbs (10 Kgs)


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