Lenovo ThinkPad X230T

Lenovo ThinkPad X230T


Lenovo ThinkPad X230T is a sleek business ultraportable that combine premium features, multitouch capability and sturdy convertible tablet design.

The Pros

  • Impressive backlit keyboard, swiveling touch display and stylus
  • Excellent long battery life
  • Instant on from sleep mode
  • Intel Core i5-3320M processor
  • Comes with intuitive UI program
  • Solid build


The Cons

  • Thick and Heavy
  • Runs on Windows 7
  • Screen bounces back when performing touch tasks
This ThinkPad is attractive and ideal for those who wants to increase productivity at home or work through mixing business laptop and Windows based tablet functions.

The ThinkPad looks like any other notebook/laptop with its all black soft touch design however the ultraportable can instantly become a tablet with a twist and fold hinge. It measures 2.96 x 0.75 x 1.05 inches thick and has a spill resistant keyboard, protected hard drive and magnesium roll cage which contributes to solid constructed machine.

Input Devices

The Lenovo’s keyboard features a chiclet-style design, island style arrangement (six row keyboard) and has backlighting. To turn on/off the backlighting a control is placed into the left end of the space bar, and works if FN button is also pressed. Overall, the keyboard has the right buttons oversized: Enter, Shift, Backspace, Caps Lock, Tab and Delete and keys are hollow thus fingertips fit nicely into them.

A TrackPoint device used for cursor control is placed between the G, H and B keys and alongside is a clickpad that integrates the right and left click into the touch surface. Also, the multitouch finger input allows you to do a five finger gesture and two finger touch gesture.

The ThinkPad features Handwriting recognition software and a supplied stylus. The Stylus can be used in almost any applications that accepts keyboard input.

Display and Communication

The 12.5 inch display has Corning Gorilla Glass Cover and has a 1366 x 768 native resolution and the IPS screen which delivers good viewing angles. The wireless connectivity is strong, it supports 802.11b/g/n, mobile broadband (3G and 4G) and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.


ThinkPad has a wide range of ports. There is a VGA port and DisplayPort with audio for connecting external monitors, USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, a four format card reader (Multimedia Card, SDXC, SDHC and SD) and supports wired Ethernet (RJ-45 port). An Intel Wireless Display feature allows you to stream HD video and audio wirelessly via an adapter.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X230T comes with an Intel Core i5 3320M Processor (2.16GHz) along with intel HD Graphics 4000 and Windows 7 Pro that delivers reliable performance and it offers a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 320GB hard drive and 4GB RAM that delivers fast performance.

Battery and Warranty

The ThinkPad X230T comes with a 63 watt hour battery that usually lasts up to six to nine hours. Warranty period is one year.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s a stylish convertible machine, as a stand-alone notebook it is portable and easy to use while as a tablet though it has limitations given that it runs on windows 7. Given the new Ivy bridge processor that comes with it, the ThinkPad is quite fast compared to its competitors.


  • Extreme Hank says:

    Well you can easily go all day 9 hours with the 6 cell battery if your not watching movies and streaming music. It’s nice!

  • Santosh Salen says:

    X230t lasted 7 hours 20 minutes everytime I work long hours, which is long enough to take complete my work all day. This is highly recommended for toughness.

  • Crystal M. says:

    Too heavy for me, that’s why I had to resell my Lenovo X230T. Although, it is tough and durable but the weight is not good. Now its up to you to choose what kind of model you’re fit in.

  • Russel says:

    it’s pretty durable no matter how many times it’s dropped off my desk. It’s a good laptop.

  • Cindy Morgan says:

    It works fine with fireworks and illustrator.

  • Derek1 says:

    The best thing is without doubts the battery, its 6 cells last for 7 hours. Can do more jobs!

  • T_Hooper says:

    Ted here. I always do a lot of presentation in the office. With a simple twist, I can easily navigate and perform well on my job.

  • @Rajon44 says:

    In my perspective, I think they look pretty smart. Design doesn’t always have to follow one philosophy alone. What’s important is how the new features, speed, and battery life were put in.

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