Self-balancing board: HoverBoard

A hover board is a portable self-balancing board or is a type of portable battery-powered scooter. A science fiction film franchise “Back in the Future” popularized in 1967 referred to it as a skateboard like device that floats above the ground. Imagine riding something that doesn’t have handles and is easy to navigate, this is one of the coolest transportation device in the market, but, how much is a hover board and is it really worth buying?

This self-balancing board has features that will definitely change the way your children and teens have fun. This device will help your kids to veer away from their usual gadgets and gaming consoles, it will keep them entertained and at the same time exercise their muscles and enjoy the outdoors. A hover board is a perfect device for all ages, size and gender, it is easy to navigate, the direction and speed is controlled by the rider, it is easy to carry around and it makes small errands like going to the grocery fun, in addition it is low maintenance because it runs on batteries, you just have to check the batteries, no need for gas. Although price needs to be considered it has benefits that definitely makes it a good buy.

Different companies manufactured hover boards for all ages. There are different hover board designs to choose from. Some hover boards has a built in Bluetooth speaker system for music and alerts it comes with a remote control for turning it on and off, some has rubberized pads and protective rubberized undersides. It comes in different colors and design like white, blue, red, green, yellow, black, chrome gold, chrome silver, red and black, blue and red, supreme fire and supreme hip-hop. Other hover boards have modular design for easy upgrades and you can even put customizable LED lighting. Some big names in the industry are Powerboard by Hoverboard, Swagway, Monorover, IO Hawk and Phunkeeduck.

A hover board is fun to ride, a bit challenging but once you get the hang of it you will be able to as they say it “enjoy the ride”.

What is UL 2722 and Why to buy it?

When buying your new hoverboard, be smart and get yourself one with a UL 2272 Safety Certification. The UL compliance assures the hoverboard is safe to ride and its battery has been properly tested to avoid any malfunction. The UL 2272 takes away the concern of the hoverboard’s battery blowing up or catching on fire, as its an International trustworthy certification given only to the safest scooters.